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Video: All American Woman


Look Book: All American Woman

In 1992, Gail Be was compelled to express her admiration for Hillary Rodham Clinton and to share her story as an advocate for mental health. One handwritten note and a necklace later, Gail received a heartfelt response. Clinton, impressed by Be's strength gave Gail a generous grant as a catalyst to her jewelry business. Since then it has been Gail's honor to support Hillary in anyway she could.

This video is a dedication to two amazing women, who in their own ways stand for female empowerment and the belief that we as a country are Stronger Together. Despite every obstacle we will encounter, the team at Gail Be Designs will continue to assist in spreading a message of love, tolerance and acceptance that Hillary so deeply values.

Featured Product: All Amercian Woman




"I have studied Hillary’s jewelry for a long time. My team searched for every photo we could find and I would stand right next to her television footage to gauge the size of the beads, the colors and the styles she wears most often. I understood that the style had to be more conservative but I wanted to include my Gail Be modern twist that makes my styles unique.

To accessorize Hillary Clinton is to make sure that the necklaces did not detract from her face, but add to her appearance. In business a woman's power tie is her jewelry.

Being a Woman, an American Artist, an entrepreneur, running a small business, and surviving adversity all represent what Hillary Clinton is about. Anyone that works hard in America can live their dream.

Beading Great Art pieces is my calling. And to be able to Help Hillary Rodham Clinton after she helped me start my small jewelry business 24 years ago is my way to reciprocate by helping her as much as I can.

"Anyone that works hard in America can live their dream."

I told her I believed in her when I made jewelry for her in 1992 and I believe in her even more now in 2016. Hillary Clinton is the most mentally prepared, political experienced, and intelligent person running for the 2016 Presidency. She is the most articulate speaker who clearly states American ideas and policies here and on the world stage. She is on every level the best Presidential Candidate for the United States.

I can say first hand that the graciousness she greeted me with showed me she really does care about the American people. Making my unique jewelry for her is the best way I know how to support her. It is my honor to support Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Presidency of the United States."


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