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Hillary Clinton

Beaded Locket & Letter

Paola Luisi

Manhattan with a Twist

Nolcha Fashion Week
Amanda Mactas

Glitter Buzz Style

Fashion Runway


What the doost

The Fiercest Designs

Gina D.

Fuzion Magazine

Nolcha's One's to Watch

Nadine Alexand

Vogue Taiwan

Photography / F & G

Necklace / Opulent Pearl

LA Confidential

Photography / Richard B.

Accessory / Tiara


Fall Up Magazine

Photography / Amber

Accessory / Vest


Galore Magazine

Photography / Louie Banks

Necklace / Crystal Waterfall

Necklace / Crystal Lace

Accessories / Tiara, Erotic Ice arm cuffs

Flaunt Magazine

Photography / Josef Jasso

Necklace / Crystal and Jet Lace

Necklace / Onyx Crystal

Necklace / Onyx Gothic

Prestige: Hong Kong

Photography / Eric Michael Roy

Necklace / Opulent Pearl

Zink Magazine

Photography / Benjo Arwas

Ensemble / Kaleidoscope Garden

US Weekly

Photography / Steven Klein

Ensemble / Erotic Ice

Necklace / Crystal Waterfall

Annex Magazine

Photography / Kaleb Khu

Necklace / Green Apple

Syn Magazine

Photography / Collin Levin

Ensemble / Kaleidoscope Garden top 

Sicky Magazine

Photography / -

Dress / Crystal Opal

People Espanol

Photography / Gabriel Goldberg

Necklace / Copper Coins

Rice Lake

A New Vision

by Caleb Olson

World on a String

by Diana Friedberg

Bead + Dress Collection

Bead & Button

Artist Profile: Strike A Pose

Online Exclusive: How does she do it?

by Ann Dee Allen

Twin Cities Business Monthly

Crystal Clear Vision

by Denise Logeland

JCK Magazine

Upfront Business: Thinking Outside the Jewelry Box

by Jennifer Heebner

50 Ways to leave your lover

by Nadia Lee Cohen

Necklace / Crystal Waterfall

Good Company

Twin Cities Live

January 5, 2015

The Voice


Necklace / Crystal & Jet lace


The CW

Necklace / Onyx Crystal

Nolcha Fashion Show

Vive Katerin

Gail Be Collection

Nolcha Interview

Gail Be Collection

Nolcha Interview


Gail Be Collection

World on a String

Part 5: A Passion for Beads

Gail Be & Bead Collection

Gail Be

MN Original - tpt

Design process

Gail Be

Life to the Max - Lifetouch

Artist Profile

Fantasy Wedding Dress

Gail Be Designs

Stats of Gown

Garden of Eden

Gail Be Designs

Stats of Gown

Break thru Radio today

Sew and Tell with DJ Britt (formerly DJ Marie)

Album: Cheek to Cheek Photoshoot / Anything Goes

Photography / Steven Klein

Ensemble / Erotic Ice

Necklace / Crystal Waterfall

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